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The Internet is the way forward by having your corporate identity on-line. ?


Your website will be a complete on-line business showing what you have to offer to the world that will attract visitors again and again whatever your business.

When Blue Monkey build your company website it will be custom-made, fully functional and easy to navigate. ?


What’s important is that everything is taken into consideration:

  • Company branding – ensuring you keep your corporate identity.
  • A style and design which suits your products and/or services – modern, funky, classic or luxury.
  • What is the aim of your website – information, providing services, entertainment, selling products.
  • The type of company image you want to portray to your visitors.
  • What your company stands for – its needs and ideas and most importantly your customers’ needs.

After your website has been built it doesn’t stop there…!! ?


What is the use a of a website that after a few months has gone stale because your company or product information is out of date?
Visitors come back but nothing has changed and if that is the case – they’ll stop coming back and you will see a drop in visitors to your website.
We don’t want you to waste your money that is why we will tell you time and time again that updating your website regularly is essential.

With any site that we build, our service to you is always professional – keeping you informed every step of the way. ?

When Blue Monkey build your company website/shopping cart it will be custom-made, fully functional, responsive and easy to navigate. ?

Above are examples of just 4 very successful websites which are managed both by the customer or by Blue Monkey utilising our Site Maintenance option.

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