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Our shopping carts are great for any amount and any type of products and are all responsive, meaning that they are mobile/tablet ready at NO EXTRA COST


Having a shopping cart on-line will definitely boost your sales. Having the resources to cope, administer and deliver what your customers need in the way of products, packaging and customer service is utmost and having a system which can help you with every aspect of selling on-line is crucial. Our shopping carts offer all these and are refreshing to look at and easy to use, as well

It’s not just about your shop on the high street – it’s about being seen EVERYWHERE.


Whatever your business a shopping cart can increase your business: A Lighting and Electrical company that want to go from shop sales to on-line sales. An Urban clothing retailer on the high street that want to boost their shop sales by offering an on-line service to customers outside Peterborough. Barovier Lighting is a sole trader wanting to share their products on-line for worldwide access.


E-commerce really does not have to be complicated, we have a simple to use shopping cart that is easy to administer, easy to control and fast to update at the touch of a button no matter what type of business you are in….plumbing, camping supplies, electrical goods, urban clothing.

Above are examples of just 4 very successful on-line shops which are managed both by the customer or by Blue Monkey utilising our Site Maintenance option.

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