A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can also be worth thousands of pounds in revenue.


The most successful online selling channels for today’s retailers are the ones on which they post unique, high–quality images. If you’re using stock photos and not showing your own products, food, office or staff then how can you show your customers what you stand for if it’s not yours? In that case it’s 100% important that your website or brochure shows you and your business as it is.


Did you know that at least 67% of consumers consider image quality “very important” when making a purchase online? It makes sense because an image of an online product is one of the only visual confirmations a user has before they pay. In a shop, they can touch, try on and get an overall feel for the goods. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for online –– so your product photos need to do some extra leg work for both you and your potential customer. You’ll need to show the real details and quality of your products in pixels rather than person. Therefore, high-quality product photos should be a high priority for any online store as well as a great description.


We offer several types of photography depending on your business.

  • Food photographyYour food needs to be shown at its best: just cooked and well presented. It needs to be mouthwatering which in turn will make your visitors think “I’d like to eat that now!”. Food needs to be well-lit to enhance the food’s true colours within the best possible setting. We will check for the ideal spot, get set up and then your chef can give us their best shot as we showcase his/her creations for you. Examples shown are from Slepe Hall Hotel, Pizza Parlour, Fasta Pasta and the Axe & Compass.
  • Product photographyThe products you sell can be anything from jewellery to wedding gowns, from floral bouquets to sweets, from hampers to handmade goods, from electrical components to tiaras. Whatever the items, they need to look good for your brochure and website showing off their detail and value as your customers will be judging them and your business. You therefore need high quality, beautiful product photography.
    At the moment it's the in-thing to see your products in a natural or styled setting as well as a the traditional lightbox setting for detail.
  • Location photographyIdeal to show your office, staff and location on your website. We’ll be working with as much natural lighting as we can to get the best photographs to how your business. Staff really do add a human element and better photograph than no one at all. Examples shown are City & County offices and Crowland Caravans.
  • Style & Fashion photographythis is versatile with the choice of an outside photoshoot, (flexibility required due to the weather constraints) and also indoors as a studio photoshoot. Relaxed photographs will work best showing off how comfortable the model is in the clothing being shown.

Overall please remember: A perfect product shot will entice someone to want that item, whatever it is, so it needs to properly display what it is and convey it’s message.


If you would like to know how we can help, please call on 07932-795012 or send Davide an email davide@bluemonkeyweb.com