Flip Books


What are Flip Books?

Flip books are essentially interactive books or magazines. They are attractive, user friendly and easily shareable, presenting a more dynamic offering than PDF or eBook alternatives.

Benefits of Flipbooks

Benefits of FlipbooksFlipbooks can be accessed easily. All a user has to do is to click on a link and the media is there for them to consume in all its bright, beautiful glory. There’s no need to download any special software or buy a specific device – if you can access the web you can most likely access flipbooks.


Needless to say, when compared to a paper alternative, a flip book is a far lower costing option.


The level of flexibility that a flip book offers is one of its greatest assets. A flip book can be periodical, brochures to promote and share your latest lines.


Times have changed and users love and in some cases expect a level of interactivity. A flip book can allow this through a whole array of different multimedia. Whether it’s audio or video, a flip book can be created and set up in such a manner that it can be extremely interactive.


Different operating systems and different screen sizes mean a PDF may look different on different devices. A flip book doesn’t have this problem as when a file is converted it ensures all elements of the original are intact.


One of the most important things of our age when it comes to content is that media is easily shareable. As you can easily send a flip book via a link or share it on a social media page, a flip book doesn’t tend to congest mail boxes or space. People simply click on the link to view it making it a lot easier to share even on social media platforms.

Mobile Friendly

In this day and age, when over half of all media is consumed via mobile, it’s important that your media is mobile friendly. A flip book is easier on the eyes than a PDF or other alternatives, allows for multi-level zoom and it adjusts to suit the users overall experience.

If you have a stock catalogue you should be considered this option if you’re looking to get your content out there in a manner that creates the best possible impression.

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